Bulk Doujinshi Buying for Resale - Design Contest

A couple of AI-TEN news items today.

1st of all: Convention Season is Coming~~~~

For those small businesses or individuals interested in selling doujinshi at their dealers booths, AI-TEN would like to extend an offer of our [b]bulk buying service[/b].

Preowned Doujinshi can be purchased for resale by series (at our discretion, you do not get to specify more than series) in bundles of 50. Our regular charge for doujinshi is $10 a book + shipping (regular air). But under our bulk offer, we will sell books to businesses at a rate of $6 + $85 total shipping (book-rate air) per pack. (approx. $8.00 per book in breakdown)

Unless otherwise requested: packs will most likely be a mix of gen, yaoi, yuri, and ocaisional hentai material (hentai runs a bit expensive even resale).

Multiple series may be requested: ie. "50% Full Metal Alchemist, 50% Naruto". Multiple packs may be purchased, but payment for large orders is required in advance.

We can also provide doujinshi flyers at no extra charge for decorating your booth.

Serious inquiries to shounenaiten@yahoo.co.jp


AI-TEN has donated prizes to our friends at dokidoki for their [b]Design contest[/b]. All of the prizes are yaoi/shounen ai themed. If you have interest in joining in, please check out the contest webpage:


Visual Kei doujin ending + New auctions

Apologies To Those Waiting

AI-TEN is just finishing up a pretty rough spot: most of our staff was knocked out by Finals Week at Japanese University, then a holiday fell on one of our two regular weekly shipping days ("School Foundation Day" T_T; ), then tsurara was overloaded by a much-needed Obsession recruit drive.

We'd like to thank everyone for their patience in waiting a few days longer than usual for their items, email replies or photos of their doujinshi search results.

Today marks the beginning of a very long Spring Vacation for all at AI-TEN!! So we're working hard to get back in the swing of things ^_~/

Today also marks the end of our doujinshi search period. We will post the final results on the 22nd. So please check back then to claim your items.

Once again, We'd like to thank everyone for their support and patience!!


AI-TEN's Bargain Bin

Priced down items, doujin-search rejects, and stuff we just need to get rid of ASAP to clear up space T_T;


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Usual Rates for Special Orders

Please note that our Special Orders are not limited to this list, but these are items that we can usually get a wide selection of and sell to you ~at the rates posted~

Shipping is NOT included and will depend primarily on weight.


-artbooks (in Japanese) $25 OR our price + $5 commission (whichever is more)
-B's LOG magazine backissues $10 each (usually no extras)
-doujinshi (by pairing or series) $10
-doujinshi (by circle or title) $10-$13 OR our price + $5 commission (whichever is more)
-manga (new, in Japanese) $10
-manga (pre-owned, in Japanese) $8


-SHOXX, Arena 37C, Vicious, Pob Beat backissues $20 each for Malice Mizer, Dir en Grey, or X Japan ~ $10 each for all other covers OR our price + $5 commission (whichever is more)

When ordering printed material please include the author/artist, title (in Japanese if applicable/possible), and in the case of magazines: desired vol/issue number

Also please note that special orders are NOT always available due to time and money constraints.

inquiries to shounenaiten(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)jp

AI-TEN staff

Opening for doujinshi Request Feb 7th

( here's a one week head-start for our friends ^_^/ )

For a limited time, AI-TEN staff will again be accepting special orders on doujinshi.

We will search for doujin based on artist, pairing, and/or series and sell our findings to you for a flat fee of $10 per book (with a few exceptions in the case of extremely thick or expensive books). We will provide as many books as you specify, up to 10 for first-time customers and up to 30 for returning customers.

If you have pulled out of finders-deals with us in the past, please refrain from requesting.

Shipping will be an additional $7.50 (air) for the first book + $2 for each book after. There will also be a $2 over-size charge in the case of books larger than B5 size or with more than 60 pages. Sea mail is available on request for large orders at a cost of bit less.

You will have a chance to review the cover images of any books you buy for you BEFORE you are billed. Any books you reject will be sold on ebay or offered to those on garagesale japan at a reduced price (at which point, you will not be able to purchase them yourself).

Payment by paypal or cash via registered mail only. Japanese Yen or US $ (please contact us for correct exchange information).

post inquiries here, send via email ( shounenaiten(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)jp ), or try AIM ~ hikari naki yami :)

Please do not request any more books than you can afford to pay for in the case that you accept ALL of them. Also please note that, as your pile grows, it will be your responsibility to tell us when to stop looking (we do expect you to purchase at least SOME of the books we find for you).